Allo, Allo, Allo, I Know What’s Going On ‘Ere …

J21737A clever English bobby averted the latest geocaching-related bomb scare yesterday.

510px-Oxford_UK_locator_map.svgOxford police were called to southern city’s University Parks on Sunday morning after receiving reports of a suspicious package taped to the bottom of a park bench.

Officers closed the 28-hectare public gardens in Park Road at about 11.15am while the incident was investigated. However, one of the seven police present quickly recognised the concealed container as a geocache, ending what is believed to be the first geo-scare for 2013.

Inspector Paul Beaney later told The Oxford Mail: “We closed the park down for a few minutes while one of our knowledgeable officers examined the item and identified exactly what it was.”

He could not confirm whether the geocache had been left in place but the park has since reopened.

*If you know the name or GC code of the hide in question, let us know below …

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