Grisly Find For Teenage Geocachers

Two Canadian teenagers were probably wishing for a DNF when they stumbled upon a dead body while geocaching last weekend.
The southern New Brunswick residents discovered the remains of the 57-year-old woman under a bridge in the rural community of Coles Island on Saturday afternoon, according to media reports.

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Chasing FTFs In Nairobi


Since 2010 there has been one lonely name on the list of countries we’ve cached in ‘New Zealand’. That in itself isn’t a bad thing, caching in New Zealand is great. There are no snakes, no poisonous spiders, no terrifying wild animals which can tear you limb from limb, and an abundance of untamed places …

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International Geocaching Day: Brew Kids On The Block

For a second year, Washington’s Glen Silvers (GC handle: valleyAGs47) volunteered to be our lackey at this year’s Groundspeak Block Party.

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Snapped In A Foreign Country …

Where in the world is It’s Not About The Numbers poster boy?

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App Creator Takes The Geocaching Road Less Travelled

A French geocacher is offering a guide to being a popular geo-event host – or rather a geocaching roadbook.

Baptiste T (GC handle: Surfoo) has created GeoRoadbook, a new web app that lets event holders produce a booklet displaying the hides in the area.

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The Lawnmower – 31 Days Of Caching

Getting close to halfway now with find number 14 in the 31 in 31 challenge. Today’s souvenir icon looks to be a logbook and pencil…our ultimate goal is to see them in each hunt we do! I also prefer mine blank on the inside…   Sadly another park n grab today, but a very cool …

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Unlucky For Some – 31 Days Of Caching

So far in the 31 in 31 I’ve been pushed for time in finding a cache each day but not yet failed to make it…so it’s a good thing I’m not trying to complete my blog entries on time each day – I’m failing miserably! Day 13 and find 13 scored the large tree souvenir …

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The Land Before Time – 31 Days Of Geocaching

Another late night dash in the rain to get #12. The souvenir icon is a GPS… And I didn’t use a GPS at all for this cache! Tonight’s cache was GC3N3PX DINO by CastlewoodCrew. I’ve tried numerous times to find this cache but being in a playground it’s always been difficult (excuses!). But in the …

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GEOCACHING HOTEL! [31in31 Day 9]

On our way to the West Bend Cache Bash we stop to find a popular geocache on the road. This video was a part of “The 31 Days of Geocaching.” This was a wonderful geocaching travel bug hotel!

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Legs 11 – 31 Days Of Geocaching

Left the run a little late to grab #11 and needed to make a darkness dash! I snuck in to grab GC3Y57Y Hinemoana’s Mega Menagerie, which I glad didn’t require a magnifying glass as it was dark! It was a micro though, so the theme counts! No photos for this one. It was dark, so …

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