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Challenges: Don’t Hate The Game, Hate The Player

The new Geocaching Challenges were released yesterday to very mixed reviews … okay, I’m being PC … nearly everyone hated them. Complaints ranged from detesting a number of frivolous frog-kissing locationless challenges to disliking there being no necessity to use a GPS. If you’re looking to further your hatred of this new game, you should check …

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Summary Of Today’s Irish On Challenges Blog Post

For those who haven’t seen it Jeremy Irish (from this point known as J-Rish) has posted at Latitude 47 today about the new Geocaching Challenges. It is a good read but being a lengthy post I thought I would pull out the best bits and summarise them here: The Groundspeak team “sat in a room …

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The New Virtual Caches: A Vision Of The Future?

There has been a lot of talk about the reintroduction of virtuals in a new format since Jeremy Irish (from this point to known as J-Dog, Big J or simply J-Rish) made his now infamous comments on the geocaching.com forums: In the UserVoice updates I never said that virtuals were coming back in their previous …

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Project APE: That’s A Wrap

Don’t expect any more monkey business from Groundspeak. An announcement on Facebook today by chief executive Jeremy Irish said the company had cancelled plans to create a series of geocaches for the new Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes movie – less than a week after he first posted of its intentions. “Instead, with …

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Geo-News: Luck Of The Irish

Welcome aboard Captain Irish … the dapper, new alter-ego of Groundspeak ‘pilot’ Jeremy Irish – and one of three geo-teasers now on Facebook. Firstly, the high-flying chief executive unveiled this design for his latest TB, which he will launch early next month in Ulm, Germany (presumably at GC2MEGA FORTsetzung: – Die DOSENFISCHER). In response to comments by …

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