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Fancy A Geo-Coffee and Chat?

[important]GUEST OPINION PIECE[/important]    rhr_nl is a Dutch resident, active geocacher and has his own geocaching blog. Since March 2006, he has found only 300 caches but hey, it’s not about numbers. 🙂 WHAT IF GEOCACHING.com WAS THE COFFEE SHOP AROUND THE CORNER, AND YOU OWNED IT? Ten years ago, when you started that coffee shop, life was easy. Some people …

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Groundspeak Puts A Sock In Uservoice

The lights have gone out on the Geocaching.com feedback forum powered by Uservoice. In a lengthy letter from the Lackeys and Signal, posted where the forum once stood, they explain that they did not have the resources to implement the massive amount of feedback. Almost 5,000 ideas were suggested for Geocaching.com alone in less than …

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