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Geocaching’s New Celebrity X-Man

If, as the X-Men’s Wolverine says, he really is “the best there is” at what he does, we geocachers are in BIG trouble.
Hugh Jackman – the Hollywood star best known for playing the clawed mutant in the hit film franchise – has taken up our hobby.

Guest Post: Confessions Of A Geocacher

Until recently Steve Mills (GC handle: timbermills) was more at home geocaching in Canada’s snowy climes. Now he’s hoping to boost his numbers in the sunny New Zealand region of Hawkes Bay.

Geo-Gossip: Two New Celebrity Cachers

I’m not one to gossip but … it seems our favourite hobby has two new celebrity players: notorious American gossip […]

Where’s Our Frog Prince When We Need Him?

Sometimes when you kiss a frog,¬†it just stays a frog … Despite¬†this morning’s fairytale start to Groundspeak’s challenges, the geo-community […]

The Mad Cacher goes all Angry Birds on Garmin/

Having plundered all the local caches and not being in a position to travel far from home due to Cumbyrocks […]

Game On: Garmin's Beta is launched

Rich over at was one of the first to notice that Beta has gone live this morning. When […]

CacheSense 3.1 Released

For those with Blackberry’s and using CacheSense (nee CacheBerry), or who are yet to make the smart move and convert, […]

Win a Garmin Nuvi 3790T

Okay, so not really a geocaching tool but Garmin are giving away a number of Garmin Nuvi 3790T’s and all […]

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