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Geo-News: Studying Our History & Enthusiasm

Keeping you briefed on Shane Holmes’ latest Kickstarter appeal and the initial results of the Geocacher Motivation Study.

Geo-Survey Motivated By Professor’s Hobby

What makes you turn on your GPSr and head out the door?

It’s a question that’s been puzzling Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s Dr Robert W Lindeman (GC handle: 8ManAfter) so last month, the Massachusetts-based associate professor and his Computer Science students launched an online Geocacher Motivations study.

Proof It’s Not About The Numbers

Here at It’s Not About The Numbers we’ve always maintained that geocaching was, well, not about the numbers. And now […]

Geocacher Characteristics Survey Development

Given recent interest in my post on the Geocacher Stages of Evolution I thought it might be interesting to do […]

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