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RIP Steve Love: Donations Sought For Vlogger’s Children

At a loss as to how to honour recently deceased Geocache Spoilers host Steve Love? His parents hope you – and each of the former 34,000-plus subscribers to the video-logger’s popular YouTube channel – will give £1 to a trust fund they’ve created for his two young children, Tia and Quinn. The 30-year-old Brit (better …

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Award Nominations For Dead Geocachers

In the wake of losing Geocache Spoilers vlogger Steve Love and Texas caching legend Alan Stricklin, an American geocacher is calling for the creation of a Geocacher Of The Year award to honour to duo. Late last week, Ryan Rokey (GC handle: Rynee) nominated Love (GC handle: Sven.) and Stricklin (GC handle: TXoilgas) for a …

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Geocache Spoilers VLogger Dies In House Fire

Geocachers across the globe are today mourning the loss of popular Geocache Spoilers video-logger Steve Love. Several hours ago, fellow British vlogger GeoSurprise reported on his own YouTube channel that 30-year-old Love – better known as by his GC handle Sven. – had died in a fire at his Telscombe Cliffs home (shown above) in East …

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Geocache Spoilers Banned No More

He’s been called geocaching’s own David taking on the Goliath that is Groundspeak … And now that his battle is over, Britain’s Steve Love can return to his favourite  game while still posting the video logs that got him in trouble. Late last month, the creator of popular YouTube channel Geocache Spoilers was banned from Geocaching.com …

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