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Dunedin Geocachers Croakin’ It

Spied in the Otago Daily Times newspaper today … this exciting report on New Zealand’s first Mega, which also announces that a fantastic frog is coming to town this October! Pity about the funny-looking dude standing next to him, though. 😉 For those interested, I’ll be talking more about geocaching and GC3TTR NZ Mega 2012 on Radio NZ at 2:10pm …

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What I Think Of The Geocaching/Tomb Raider Hook-Up

Just in case you didn’t know: Geocaching.com has teamed up with  Crystal Dynamics – the company behind Tomb Raider – to create a series of unique location-based adventures that “embody the spirit” of the hit video game “and Lara Croft’s drive to discover new adventures and locations”. No more details are given yet, except that game …

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OpenCaching.com Poll: How Do You Feel Now?

Last time It’s Not About The Numbers ran a poll on OpenCaching.com, almost a year ago, the winner was Geocaching.com by a knockout. With the one-year anniversary of OX and all the discussions going on, we thought it might be a good time to repeat this questionnaire. The first six questions below are the same as the …

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Photo Challenges Or Signal’s Dating Video?

Groundspeak’s Photo Challenge snippit was released today and I think I’ve watched it about half a dozen times. The more I watched, the more it was impressed on me that Signal didn’t have any friends completing this challenge and that the photos being taken were a little like dating shots. This all begs the question whether …

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