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TV Network Joins The Cache Craze

Seek and ye shall find … at least that’s what a Canadian TV network is hoping as it turns to […]

Great Geo-Stuff: Walking Poles

Today It’s Not About The Numbers unearths our irregular ode to something geocaching related that we may take for granted but […]

Tutorial: Bubble, Bubble, Toil & Trouble

You may well bubble over with excitement at Larry Butler’s first DIY cache tutorial for It’s Not About The Numbers. […]

Tutorial: A New Geocaching Medium

Bigger is better for Vince Migliore (GC handle: FolsomNatural), whose latest video tutorial shows examples of mid-sized geocaches to make.
The American DIY buff says: “I like the mid-sized version because it allows you to trade travel bugs and provides more room for larger ‘swag’ items.”

It’s Electrifying: DIY Cache Tutorial

DIY cache-maker Vince Migliore explains how to use an emergency radio with a hand-crank generator to electrify a hide – well, three volts worth anyway – in a remote location.

Well And Truly Hooked On Geocaching

You can tell Dawn Van Curan is hooked on geocaching just by looking at the afghan blankets she crochets. Since making […]

Microsoft Flight Virtuals Caching On Fast

Microsoft Flight’s new Aerocaches have really taken off – if the number of recent searches on It’s Not About The Numbers for […]

Protecting Our Geography

We have only one planet to geocache on so It’s Not About The Numbers asked Ben Lawhon, of the international, […]

Tears Of A Clown: Amazing Geo-Racers Eliminated

A field puzzle proved too much for The Amazing Race’s first geocachers. Competitors Dave and Cherie Gregg – better known to fans […]

Book Giveaway: Geocaching For Personally Valuable Treasure

Ever wished you could geocache all the time? Now you can, according to an e-book by American psychologist Francine Juhasz. […]


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