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Aye, Aye Captain Steam

The ayes have it … So many It’s Not About The Numbers readers have pored over Richard Preen’s Build Your Own Steampunk GPS tutorial, that we couldn’t resist showing you his latest upgrade – featuring a moving eye. The Greek geocacher (GC handle: r10n) explains that he’s now replaced the clockwork mechanism in his original …

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Build Your Own Steampunk GPS

 No dear reader, you haven’t been punked – or in this case, steampunked. Today’s DIY cache tutorial will actually teach you how to build a Steampunk GPS – an object that would perfectly fit an imaginary Victorian age of brass or copper clockworks and steam-powered inventions that go far beyond 1800s technology. According to …

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Mission Not So Impossible

SNEAK PEAK The name’s Preen … Richard Preen. But unlike Ian Fleming’s fabled spy, this Greek geocacher (GC handle: r10n) prefers to slay his rivals with hand-built electronic puzzle caches. Since August 2008, the IT professional has placed 21 hides around the historic Athens community of Pendeli; 13 traditional caches and eight puzzles. The latter …

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