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Case Study: Otterbox Defender Series For iPhone 4

I will never be an extreme geocacher but chances are I’ll always be a clumsy one.  So when it came to buying a case for my new iPhone 4, there was really one option – Otterbox’s Defender Series. My brother has long been a fan of the trademark yellow and black Otterbox case  that adorns his …

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The End Of The GPSr As We Know It?

I’ve been searching for my next GPS unit for a while now. I don’t need a new one, I’m still completely in love with my Blackberry as my main caching tool, but it felt like time I joined the ‘real’ cachers by having a ‘real’ GPS unit. But my search has not gone well. You …

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YouTube: Use It To Help You Buy Your Next GPSr

My long-suffering geocaching widow wife was recently gracious enough to suggest I could get anew GPSr for Christmas. I immediately got all excited and started looking over all the specs and prices of the better GPSr models about. Before going further I should point out that I have been pretty impressed with my Blackberry Bold …

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