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Bye-Bye Badlands Geocaches

Bad news for geocachers near Oregon’s Badlands.
Eighty-four hides spread over an 11,858-hectare wilderness area in the American state are to be removed by the Bureau of Land Management’s Prineville office.

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Police Threaten To Charge Bomb-Scare Cache Owners

Oregon geocachers may face police charges and a hefty bill in future if one of their hides is the subject of a bomb scare.

After a geocache was mistaken for a pipe bomb at Talking Water Gardens last Thursday, an Albany Police Department spokeswoman warned players of the likely consequences for hiding suspicious containers.

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Spirit Of The Original Cache Lives On

Author Morgan C Talbot (GC handle: Frumious Jane) relates the watershed moment that was her visit to the Original Stash Tribute Plaque in Oregon.

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Run! Cacher! Run!

On my quest to train for MOGA 2012 I run over 8 miles!

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Geocachers Make Gruesome Find

It sounds like a bad movie script … Four Oregon geocachers go looking for a hide named ‘Skull n’Bones’ but actually find a body floating face down in a swamp. Unfortunately for Daren Drops (GC handle: Bad Duck), that’s exactly what happened on Sunday. The Coos Bay resident discovered the badly decomposed corpse “a quarter-mile from the …

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Can You Connect An Android To An Oregon?

                  An important question for It’s Not About The Numbers’ readers: Can you connect an Android phone to Garmin’s Oregon GPSr? Obviously, there are some issues with getting an appropriate connector (my Android has a micro b USB port, while the Oregon 450 has a mini b USB port) but …

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The Bad Elf Faces Off With GPS Units

The Bad Elf is a neat little external GPS accessory designed to directly connect to all iPad, iPod touch and iPhone devices. I recently had great fun field-testing the Bad Elf I have been given and was surprised by how well the Bad Elf performed. However, I determined that it would need to prove itself in …

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Need Help Understanding Your Garmin Oregon?

  I know someone who has very recently (as in today) received their new Garmin Oregon 450 after fretting for the last few weeks that it wasn’t going to turn up. Now that it’s here this technologically talented person is having a few issues working out how to use said Oregon, so I thought it might be …

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Garmin Chirp: Genius or Criminal?

The recent release of the Garmin Chirp has brought a whole new innovation to geocaching that lots of people are talking about. On first impression it looks to be a great new toy that will add to the geocaching experience. From the Garmin release: Geocachers now have a new trick up their sleeves – and …

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