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OpenCaching Making Changes With Stealth

If the latest OpenCaching.com newsletter is to be believed, there are big changes on the way at Garmin’s listing service … But you might have to look really hard for them – because they will be done with Stealth. Okay, it was a lame joke but seriously it was the best I could come up …

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OpenCaching.com Poll: How Do You Feel Now?

Last time It’s Not About The Numbers ran a poll on OpenCaching.com, almost a year ago, the winner was Geocaching.com by a knockout. With the one-year anniversary of OX and all the discussions going on, we thought it might be a good time to repeat this questionnaire. The first six questions below are the same as the …

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Giveaway: You Down With Opie?


He’s back … and quite literally. Since OpenCaching launched its first piece of official merchandise – a collectible Opie pathtag – four score and however many months ago, the oh-so-cute mascot has been keeping a rather low profile. However, It’s Not About The Numbers has learnt that during this time the OX frontman was actually …

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Job Vacancy: OpenCaching Ambassador

Pick me, pick me, pick me OpenCaching … I’ve just applied to be a new ambassador for Garmin’s listing service. And you can sign up too. According to OX’s latest blog post, it wants enthusiastic opencachers to “spread the love” about its six-month-old community and “share feedback from active geocachers around the world”. Its job …

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Read ‘em and weep, Cumbyrocks … Today I got a box of Opencaching goodies in the mail – much like the parcel American blogger OX Cacher received all those months ago, inspiring my geo-sibling’s plaintiff e-plea to Garmin. Once opened, my own cache turned out to hold Opencaching caps, lanyards, pins, stickers and … some of the …

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