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OX Loyalty Scheme On The Cards?

Fancy yourself as a card-carrying OpenCacher? So does Jeff Holliday (OX handle: Team360). The Arizona resident – and caretaker of geocaching’s first trade item, the Original Can of Beans aka TBGJAA  – has posted the idea on the forums of Garmin’s own listing site, even going as far as to include this mock-up of such a loyalty card. …

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Geocaching: Take One

They’re not muggles anymore … Buried Treasure stars Jeff Galfer and Anna Douglas logged their first caching expedition on Wednesday – posting dozens of photos online – in between preparing for filming to begin. Since It’s Not About The Numbers reported about Galfer’s Kickstarter appeal, he has raised US$21,743 of the US$24,750 needed to begin filming. However, he …

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Taking A Trip Into The Open

Last year, It’s Not About The Numbers posted on the creative flair of TripCyclone, now the science teacher from Grandview, Missouri is going take a trip into the world of OpenCaching … When OpenCaching first hit the world, I explored a little bit, ran into an error, and then moved on. Life got busy and I was …

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OX Opens Up: Part One


Finally … OpenCaching.com has opened up about its past, present and future. In the first of three interviews with It’s Not About The Numbers, a Garmin spokesman explains the creation of this often controversial listing service. It’s been the question on everyone’s lips for over a year … Why did Garmin borrow the name of …

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Nano Bites – 14th October 2011

We don’t have enough time to post on all the things that happen in the geocaching world each week so we’ve decided to produce Nano Bites, a weekly summary of all the interesting geocaching news online. BLOGS 15 Countries in 24 Hours – Latitude 47 presents this super feat of caching.  Our favourite vloggers are …

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Job Vacancy: OpenCaching Ambassador

Pick me, pick me, pick me OpenCaching … I’ve just applied to be a new ambassador for Garmin’s listing service. And you can sign up too. According to OX’s latest blog post, it wants enthusiastic opencachers to “spread the love” about its six-month-old community and “share feedback from active geocachers around the world”. Its job …

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Welcome to: Opencaching.UK


With the introduction of opencaching.com last year there was a lot of talk about geocache listing services. One of the things we noticed was that there wasn’t much of a focus on what the other listing services were and what they offered. In an attempt to rectify this we have invited the other listing services to write a …

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