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NZ MEGA 2012 – January Newsletter

NZ MEGA 2012 by the New Zealand Recreational GPS Society Inc. S45 52 E170 30 – Dunedin, New Zealand – October 19-22, 2012 http://mega.gps.org.nz/ Newsletter 1 – January 2012 In just under 9 months, Dunedin will host New Zealand’s first-ever MEGA geocaching event (GC35TTR). You’re reading the first of what will be a monthly newsletter …

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An Old-Skool Introduction: Rediguana

MEET OUR NEW BLOGGER Rediguana hails from the shaky city of Christchurch, New Zealand. He is an emergency manager by trade, and some of his interests outside of geocaching include travel, photography, mapping, and open source software and data. An ‘old-skool’ cacher, Rediguana (real name Gavin Treadgold) started geocaching in May 2001. . It’s been …

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Go On, Have A Go

What’s the next best thing to geocaching on a bright Sunday morning? As it turns out – talking about geocaching! Dunedin organisation MoveMe, in association with the Edgar Centre, held a ‘Have-A-Go‘ day this morning to promote opportunities for being more physically active. The New Zealand Recreational GPS Society got on board and set up a geocaching display at …

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Quake update: The Other Side Of The Geocoin


In for a penny, in for a pound – right? Having already splashed out on the Christchurch quake and Japan tsunami geocoins, I’ve just bought two more fundraiser offerings by the NZ Recreational GPS Society to show my continued support for Mother Nature’s recent victims. Now it’s your turn … After months of planning, the …

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