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Orange Is The New Geo-Uniform?

Would you don bright orange hunting garb to go geocaching? Or buy a permit to search for certain hides?
Wildlife officials in the American state of North Carolina hope the answer is yes as they consider ways to regulate the use of their game lands by geocachers.

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Anti-c … limax

Anti-c … It’s spelt half-right but, in reality, the word is not anti-cache but anti-climax. Yes, you guessed it … now that the rumoured GC 2E19H Don’t Do This Cache! (Kapiti Coast) exists, I’m a little disappointed. As I blogged earlier, this was among 50 new caches published on November 14 for the Assemblage de …

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Nearly there…

My favourite travel bug – Man on a Mission – is super close to achieving one of its goals. This little guy is Buddy Christ, from the Kevin Smith film ‘Dogma‘. His goals are threefold: 1. To travel to Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash, 35 Broad Street, Red Bank, New Jersey, USA. 2. Have …

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