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New Authors Say The Devil’s In The Detail

First, they were mad; now The Mad Cacher bloggers are down-right devilish … At least according to the title of their new geocaching book.

Joseph ‘EJ’ Martin III and Kurt Milligan, whose company Leeward Coast owns The Mad Cacher blog and last year bought Navicache.com, are in the final stages of publishing a how-to manual entitled 101 Devil Caches: Your Guide to Creating Unique or Hard-To-Find Geocaches.

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Out With The Old At Navicache

The times they are finally a’changin for Navicache.com … Seven months after the formerly mainstream listing service was sold, it now has a swish new logo. New owners Kurt Milligan and Joseph ‘EJ’ Martin III – better known as the duo behind the MadCacher and Cache Barn brands – publicly unveiled the new Navicache imagery last week as part …

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The Rebirth Of Navicaching


Back in April, It’s Not About The Numbers reported that The Mad Cacher bloggers had bought the historic Navicache website; now we ask the new owners first-hand about their plans … Like the fabled phoenix rising from the ashes, one of our sport’s original listing services, Navicache, is back. Until recently, it was a little used reminder …

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Navicache Goes Mad

The company that purchased the Madcacher blog in September last year has now extended their geocaching domain further to included the languishing Navicache.com geocache listing site. Leeward Coast LLC, parent company of the geocaching blog www.Madcacher.com, announced today the purchase of www.Navicache.com one of the longest-running geocaching websites on the Internet. Navicache.com, first registered in 2001, currently has …

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Geocaching is an Addiction

GC1XH8Y Tavora Reserve

Hi, my name is Cumbyrocks and its been six days since my last geocache. Today I gave into temptation and binged on seven caches. … For many people who take part in the ‘hobby’ of geocaching it is an addiction. I’m one of them. Geocaching is my time out, my break away from the world, …

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