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Munzee Giveaway: Plastic Fantastic

Inspired by Munzee mania, one American player scanned his new hobby to find a way he could improve it. Once a laminator was a Munzee fan’s best friend, now Jim Crane is. The Thanks 4 The Hide blogger has created the first weather-safe, UV-resistant, plastic Munzee tags, offering a long-lasting alternative to the standard deployment …

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Scouting Around For A GPS Game

With the sudden appearance on the scene of the geologging game Munzee and the impending release of Geoching Challenges there has been a lot of interest in alternatives to the traditional geocache lately. What some folk may not know is that GPS alternatives have been around for quite some time. A number of alternative GPS …

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First There Was Munzee, Now There’s BIT Caching

It seems the crew at Opencaching.US have jumped on the QR code bandwagon and produced BIT Caching. A BIT Cache (Bound ID Tag) simply refers to the fact it is a small laminated card. So what’s the difference between a Munzee and a BIT Cache? Well, it seems that with BIT Caching you don’t need …

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The New Virtual Caches: A Vision Of The Future?

There has been a lot of talk about the reintroduction of virtuals in a new format since Jeremy Irish (from this point to known as J-Dog, Big J or simply J-Rish) made his now infamous comments on the geocaching.com forums: In the UserVoice updates I never said that virtuals were coming back in their previous …

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What The Munzee?@!

Do you Munzee? If you’re suddenly frowning at your computer screen, then the answer is obviously “No”. However, this free mobile application by American quartet Aaron Benzick, Chris Pick, Scott Foster and Josh Terkelsen has been the talk of the geo-community of late. And more than 1600 curious smartphone users have already tried out the …

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