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Geocaching Bomb?! [Micro VLog]

Here is a cache that is trying to look like a bomb. I am trying something new, with posting a few shorter “Micro Vlogs” from time to time.

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Geocaching FTF Victory Dance!

Mayberryman and Gilby head out to find 9 FTF (First to Finds) as MOGA 2012 begins!

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All Roads Lead To Moga!

Gilby4 and I have a great time geocaching on are roadtrip to MOGA 2012 Mega event in Moriva, IA April 27th-29th.

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MOGA 2012 Updates!?

I will be posting the short updates at www.youtube.com/geocachingouttakes I hope to do some short updates and highlights of this weekend’s MEGA event at MOGA. It all depends on how good the internet is at the hotel. Full videos of the event will come later when I get the chance to edit them.

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Run! Cacher! Run!

On my quest to train for MOGA 2012 I run over 8 miles!

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