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Roll On Lucky Cache Number Two Million …

One million, nine hundred and 99 thousand, seven hundred and 54 … That’s Geocaching.com current hide tally; just 11246 needed to record its two millionth placement.

The question on everyone’s lips, though, is when will this mammoth achievement occur.

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Helicaching In Queenstown

As part of the recent NZ Mega 2012, Moneydork found his 15,000th geocache during our road trip south. As he knew he was getting close, he started thinking about a special way to mark the milestone. What you see below is a seven-minute video that I put together outlining our little helicaching adventure. Read on …

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Milestone Reached: 500 Finds

My first geocache find occurred on 1st November 2009 (GC15JN8 W for Walk on Over) and I very quickly started chipping away at the local Dunedin caches. Whilst I am completely addicted I have needed to balance geocaching with the care of two small children and a pregnant wife. This has limited the amount of …

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