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Geocachers Make Gruesome Find

It sounds like a bad movie script … Four Oregon geocachers go looking for a hide named ‘Skull n’Bones’ but actually find a body floating face down in a swamp. Unfortunately for Daren Drops (GC handle: Bad Duck), that’s exactly what happened on Sunday. The Coos Bay resident discovered the badly decomposed corpse “a quarter-mile from the …

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Ammo Cans: The New Plastic Fantastics

Love the original, hate the sequel … right? That’s the way it normally works with movies, book, video games etc  – or so I thought until I got to review MTM Case-Gard’s new take on that geocaching staple, the Ammo Can. Those heavy-duty war artefacts have been as traditional in the United States as well traditionals …

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Congratulations, It’s A Geocache!

Please help me welcome four additions to the kjwx family – GC10DWH Palmer Head Fortress, GC10H8Z Rockford, GC10J6P Ben’s Challenge and GC10YD6 In Plane Sight. These aren’t cute, new hides but weathered caches with flaws and behavioral issues. Each is five years old and, with the exception of the flat-terrain Rockford (pictured below), sited in remote …

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My New Geo-Tool: The Ultimate Cache Finder

Read ‘em and weep, boys … My geo-toolkit now includes a swanky Video Cache Finder. Officially, this device is known as a borescope but whenever I say that some smart aleck gets it confused with the endoscope that doctors use to look inside the human body. My non-medical version enables the inspection of an area …

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Update: OX Interview

Never fear, It’s Not About The Numbers hasn’t forgotten its promise to unlock the secrets of Garmin’s OpenCaching.com site for you … OX lead developer Chad DeShon emailed us on Monday to say he was still working on the (lengthy) question list we sent him last December in the wake of Nick Brown’s controversial opinion …

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Tutorial: By The Book(mark)

Ontario cacher Lone R teaches It’s Not About The Numbers how to make the first of two signature swag items – in this case, a magnetic bookmark – featuring our blog logo. NB: Photoshop CS5 was used to create this bookmark. If you don’t have Photoshop, you might have success with free software products such …

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This Boy’s Trackable Life

Four-year-old Davide Lencioni has a geocoin collection most adults would envy. Since the Italian toddler’s birth, his godmother Katja de Vries (GC handle: kdv) has been amassing the coins as a record of his life. “He was born in January 2008 and, of course, I created a Geocaching.com account for him the day he was …

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Slaying My 2012 Geo-Goals

I am geocacher, hear me roar … Okay, so maybe I’m taking the Year of the Dragon a little too literally and heard Carol King too often on the car radio lately (it’s stuck on some lame, classics station) – especially as my (slightly belated) 2012 geo-goals will be nowhere near as extensive as my previous 15 pledges. …

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The Shocking Truth About That New Geo-Guide

Now you too can learn the “shocking secrets” of the caching elite. Why struggle to shed that lowly finds tally on your own when “a master geocaching expert will reveal the truth” about your new favourite sport for just NZ$34 (US$27)? But wait there’s more … You’ll also become a well-respected and well known geocacher …

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A Very Pathtag Christmas

You’re likely starting to think about taking down those Christmas cards and decorations, however, I’m just about to hang mine. On Saturday, I received the last of my three Christmas cards and pathtags for participating in the first-ever Christmas/New Year swap run by Australian website the Pathtag Portal. This international trade was initiated in October …

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