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iOS App Review: iGeoKnife Carves Up The Opposition

Some people can distinctly remember what they were doing when they found out President Kennedy had been shot. Others will recollect exactly where they were when they learned Princess Diana had died in a car crash. But I distinctly recall the day I discovered GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife). That day was monumental and opened …

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Mucking Around With The Bad Elf

The Bad Elf is a neat little external GPS¬†accessory designed to directly connect to all iPad, iPod touch and iPhone devices. I recently had great fun field-testing the Bad Elf I have been given (thanks Bad Elf!). I was surprised by how well the Bad Elf performed but determined that it would need to prove …

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Introducing The Bad Elf

More and more geocachers are using smartphones and a huge number of those are Apple iPhones. We’ve also seen the Apple iPad find a role in the geocaching world as well. But one of the criticisms is that the GPS sensitivity is not that flash. Enter the Bad Elf GPS Receiver for iPod touch, iPhone, …

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Geocaching with your [insert apple product here] is about to get even better

Dual Electronics, the makers of the GPS Cradle for iTouch, have announced they will soon be releasing the first universal Bluetooth-equipped GPS receiver designed to add GPS to tablets, iPod Touches and other portable devices lacking built-in GPS. Consumer electronics website Twice has reported on the announcement: The battery-powered XGPS150 Universal Bluetooth GPS receiver can …

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