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Top Five Android Geocaching Apps

Whether the Geocaching purists like it or not, smartphones are being used more and more for Geocaching. In fact, it seems to be a common set up in this day and age to have a smartphone for urban caching/cache database with a dedicated GPS unit in your caching bag for those ‘deep in the outdoors’ …

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From Zombies to Caching: Meet Smudgy Games

When computer-game producer Edios – famous for titles such as Tomb Raider: Underworld and Batman: Arkham Asylum – closed its office in Sweden in 2008, it would have been easy for programmers René Højstrand and Alex Hartly to look for work at another gaming giant. But they didn’t. With the quickly evolving smartphone market coming to the fore, …

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iOS App Review: iGeoKnife Carves Up The Opposition

Some people can distinctly remember what they were doing when they found out President Kennedy had been shot. Others will recollect exactly where they were when they learned Princess Diana had died in a car crash. But I distinctly recall the day I discovered GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife). That day was monumental and opened …

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CACH'EYE – your personal geocaching map

Here is what looks to be a great little geocaching app: CACH’EYE is a free personalised geocaching map service based on a Bing Maps application. Each user can define the content of his personal cachemap. Cache data are imported from Pocket Queries, from GPX- / LOC-Files or are exported from GSAK and visualised in an …

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One of my favourite things about Geocaching are the neat (yes, I used the word neat) tools and gadgets. It seems each cacher has their own method and equipment list, not to mention their own dream list. I’ve been pretty lucky from the start to have close to my dream combo of tools – so …

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