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Geocaching Border Battle

Team Gamci from Cache Continuum makes visit to Minneapolis for an epic geocaching battle against Mayberyman!

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Jeremy Irish’s Mega Tattoo Decision

UPDATE: NZ MEGA 2012 A trip Down Under for New Zealand’s first Mega may leave an indelible impression on Groundspeak’s Jeremy Irish. The company founder (GC handle: Jeremy) told It’s Not About The Numbers that he is considering getting a Maori tattoo when he visits the South Island city of Dunedin in October. Maori tattoos …

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Geocaching Google Maps Are Back!

Google maps are coming back to geocaching.com on May 22nd! What do you think? Do you care? Did you miss them when they were gone? For regular members will this make you pay to become Premium members.

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Google Maps Officially Returning To Geocaching.com

Some months ago Google changed its charging structure for third-party use of Google Maps, which meant heavy users, such as Geocaching.com, had to ditch the service or face significant costs. But now Google Maps are coming back … After Geocaching.com’s planned site update of Tuesday, May 22nd, premium members will once again have access to Google Maps through the Beta Maps …

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An Alternative History Of Geocaching?

It’s geocaching, Jim, but not as we know it … Or at least not as Groundspeak’s new A Brief History of Geocaching video clip portrays it. This “nostalgic”, black and white version was created by Fox & Bee – aka Vancouver Island artists Shawn Pigott and Kim Bannerman – during Week 23 of their 52 …

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Well And Truly Hooked On Geocaching

You can tell Dawn Van Curan is hooked on geocaching just by looking at the afghan blankets she crochets. Since making her first geo-afghan three years ago, the Texan has gained official Groundspeak approval for the design, which she now sells on international webstore Etsy. Van Curan (GC handle: Re2dog) says the inspiration for that original blanket was a birthday …

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Top Five Android Geocaching Apps

Whether the Geocaching purists like it or not, smartphones are being used more and more for Geocaching. In fact, it seems to be a common set up in this day and age to have a smartphone for urban caching/cache database with a dedicated GPS unit in your caching bag for those ‘deep in the outdoors’ …

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Reviewing Our Bad Geo-Habits

Groundspeak reviewer IowaAdmin explains our three biggest hiccups when submitting new cache listings. “It’s Not About the Numbers was kind enough to ask me to write a guest blog on the topic of ‘the biggest/most common mistakes you see as a reviewer when players submit a new cache listing’. But since geocachers are Groundspeak’s customers, …

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Congratulations, It’s A Geocache!

Please help me welcome four additions to the kjwx family – GC10DWH Palmer Head Fortress, GC10H8Z Rockford, GC10J6P Ben’s Challenge and GC10YD6 In Plane Sight. These aren’t cute, new hides but weathered caches with flaws and behavioral issues. Each is five years old and, with the exception of the flat-terrain Rockford (pictured below), sited in remote …

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Second Groundspeak Boss Mega-Excited

UPDATE: NZ MEGA 2012 Groundspeak’s Jeremy Irish isn’t the only lackey headed to New Zealand’s first Mega event. Company co-founder Bryan Roth – shown here in typical Kiwi farming attire – has posted his own ‘Will Attend’ log for GC35TTR and told It’s Not About The Numbers that he was excited about travelling Down Under …

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