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OpenCaching Survey Results: It’s A Knockout!

Three weeks ago, we produced Get In The Ring 2, Round 2 – our follow-up poll on Garmin’s new […]

Agent 99, turn on the…shoe GPS?

We all remember Agent 86 and his shoe phone in Get Smart but a report from suggests that shoe […] has, soon GPS will have Beidou has become a recent alternative to and it looks like the US may soon have their own competition […]

YouTube: Use It To Help You Buy Your Next GPSr

My long-suffering geocaching widow wife was recently gracious enough to suggest I could get anew GPSr for Christmas. I immediately […]

Another cryptic slogan

Clearly in response to the high level of chatter across the net about the possible intentions of Garmin and […]

Get In The Ring

In the red corner … is geocaching’s  heavyweight and everybody’s favourite, Groundspeak. And in the blue corner … brash contender Garmin, seeming […]

Opencaching are watching…

and responding to some of the conversations happening around the net by putting up a slogan on the still very […]


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