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ROVE Where You Want To With New Geo-Gadget

You’ll never be tied to your PC again if four Canadian inventors have their way. In fact, they hope you’ll rove long and far in search of new geocaches with their bluetooth-powered gadget.

According to the team at Sparkyard Inc, the ROVE was created for smartphone-owning “geocachers and trail creators to instantly share trail maps across social networks and put multiple geocaches right on a GPS” while out in the field.

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Framing Our Geo-Heritage

It should be patently obvious as to what this object is …

That’s right, it’s the official documentation for an early GPSr device by American company Cobra Electronics. Patent USD469367 was submitted to the United States Patent Office in June 2002 and granted the following January.

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Review: Exploring The Science Of Navigation

BOOK REVIEW The Science Of Navigation: From Dead Reckoning To GPS by Mark Denny (Johns Hopkins University Press) Paperback US$27.15/Hardcover US$65.00/Kindle US$16.50 Reviewed by Gerard Hyland (GC handle: GSVNoFixedAbode) “To paraphrase Douglas Adams, most geocachers no more know the navigational lineage behind their GPSr than a tea leaf knows the history of the East India company. Many of those geocachers …

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Helicaching In Queenstown

As part of the recent NZ Mega 2012, Moneydork found his 15,000th geocache during our road trip south. As he knew he was getting close, he started thinking about a special way to mark the milestone. What you see below is a seven-minute video that I put together outlining our little helicaching adventure. Read on …

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Case Study: Otterbox Defender Series For iPhone 4

I will never be an extreme geocacher but chances are I’ll always be a clumsy one.  So when it came to buying a case for my new iPhone 4, there was really one option – Otterbox’s Defender Series. My brother has long been a fan of the trademark yellow and black Otterbox case  that adorns his …

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Three, Two, One … Geo-Liftoff

One small step for mankind, another giant leap forward for geocaching … At least that’s what American Scott Cole (GC handle: e6c or Echo Six Charlie) is hoping with his second attempt to launch a geocache into space. Last December, the North Carolina resident sent a weather balloon-tethered cache 19 miles (30.5 kilometres) up into …

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May The Geocaching Force Be With You

Giggle you will if Garmin ever offers its new Star Wars voices to handheld GPSr users. It’s Not About The Numbers can just imagine geocachers bashing through bush or their local mall carpark under the guiding force of Yoda or Darth Vader. “Turn you will. Do or do not find, there is no try.” Or …

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Build Your Own Steampunk GPS

 No dear reader, you haven’t been punked – or in this case, steampunked. Today’s DIY cache tutorial will actually teach you how to build a Steampunk GPS – an object that would perfectly fit an imaginary Victorian age of brass or copper clockworks and steam-powered inventions that go far beyond 1800s technology. According to …

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Mission Not So Impossible

SNEAK PEAK The name’s Preen … Richard Preen. But unlike Ian Fleming’s fabled spy, this Greek geocacher (GC handle: r10n) prefers to slay his rivals with hand-built electronic puzzle caches. Since August 2008, the IT professional has placed 21 hides around the historic Athens community of Pendeli; 13 traditional caches and eight puzzles. The latter …

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Cumbyrocks reviews the Garmin GPSMAP 62s

Happily my first field experience with the Garmin GPSMAP 62s was it being tossed 10 metres into a blackberry thicket. Despite what you are thinking the GPSr landed safely in my hands and I have been in love ever since. Undoubtedly you are now also wondering what I was doing standing 10 metres into a …

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