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Geocaching Google Maps Are Back!

Google maps are coming back to geocaching.com on May 22nd! What do you think? Do you care? Did you miss them when they were gone? For regular members will this make you pay to become Premium members.

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Google Maps Officially Returning To Geocaching.com

Some months ago Google changed its charging structure for third-party use of Google Maps, which meant heavy users, such as Geocaching.com, had to ditch the service or face significant costs. But now Google Maps are coming back … After Geocaching.com’s planned site update of Tuesday, May 22nd, premium members will once again have access to Google Maps through the Beta Maps …

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Shhh, I’ve been caching naked …

Please don’t tell my mother – or brother for that matter – but I’ve been caching naked … In my defence, it only happened on a few instances and it was a long time ago. Plus I’ve never cached in the nude. Confused? As any savvy seeker will tell you the term ‘naked caching’ denotes …

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CACH'EYE – your personal geocaching map

Here is what looks to be a great little geocaching app: CACH’EYE is a free personalised geocaching map service based on a Bing Maps application. Each user can define the content of his personal cachemap. Cache data are imported from Pocket Queries, from GPX- / LOC-Files or are exported from GSAK and visualised in an …

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