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GLO-ing Support For Portable GPS Receiver

Wellington’s Geof Robinson (GC handle: xBoomstickx) rates his geocaching-related Christmas present.
“Santa was listening this year; I had been a good boy and got my Garmin GLO (US$99/NZ$139) for Christmas. What a difference an accurate GPSr makes!

Geo-News: Cool, Sexy & European

ONE VERY COOL MUNZEE Munzee mania keeps marching across the map, with Antarctica now boasting its first gamepiece. London-based Australian […]

GPS + GLONASS – A Reason To Wait Before Buying That New GPS Unit? have an interesting article out on the combining of the US GPS system and Russia’s GLONASS system in smartphones. […]

Multi Satellite System Units Are Here…

A report from the BBC on the new Russian smartphone that can access both the US GPS and Russian GLONASS […]

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