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GLO-ing Support For Portable GPS Receiver

Wellington’s Geof Robinson (GC handle: xBoomstickx) rates his geocaching-related Christmas present.
“Santa was listening this year; I had been a good boy and got my Garmin GLO (US$99/NZ$139) for Christmas. What a difference an accurate GPSr makes!

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Geo-News: Cool, Sexy & European

ONE VERY COOL MUNZEE Munzee mania keeps marching across the map, with Antarctica now boasting its first gamepiece. London-based Australian player Zalgariath placed Diggles (Final Frontier) last Tuesday with help from friend Steele Diggles who works at the South Pole Research Base. “Ever since Munzee conquered the six inhabited continents, there has been a running joke …

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GPS + GLONASS – A Reason To Wait Before Buying That New GPS Unit?

PCMAG.com have an interesting article out on the combining of the US GPS system and Russia’s GLONASS system in smartphones. Silently and invisibly, the 22 satellites of Russia’s GLONASS system partner our GPS, and starting next year smartphones based on Qualcomm chipsets will be able to boost their prowess with GLONASS signals. “It’s like dual-core …

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Multi Satellite System Units Are Here…

A report from the BBC on the new Russian smartphone that can access both the US GPS and Russian GLONASS systems has suggested the price is currently too high and there may not be great consumer interest in it. When the MTS Glonass 945 Android device hit the stores earlier this month it was dubbed …

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