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YouTube: Use It To Help You Buy Your Next GPSr

My long-suffering geocaching widow wife was recently gracious enough to suggest I could get anew GPSr for Christmas. I immediately […]

GPS Systems May Not Be Good For Your Brain

From My Fox Boston: A new study suggests that, for memory’s sake, it may be wiser to slow down and […] An over-saturation nightmare waiting to happen?

Like many I have been having fun playing with today and seeing what it can do. There is lots […]

Game On: Garmin's Beta is launched

Rich over at was one of the first to notice that Beta has gone live this morning. When […]

Groundspeak: No Comment

Well, we finally heard back from Groundspeak on the controversy … Their reply: “No comment.” According to marketing manager Jen Sonstelie, […]

Thanks to Guido from for letting us know about his new site. In his own words from a comment […] changes again; Mysterious mascot introduced

The mysterious, Garmin owned site has changed it’s index page again. The new page now shows the same […]

X marks the …

Spot. A little while ago I noticed this new entrant to the GPS world and thought it was a neat […]

Great Geo-Stuff: Canine Companions

Dogs are man’s best friend and the same applies for geocacher’s. Besides being there to slobber all over us when […]

Opencaching network still in the dark

It’s been great to have some comment in the last few days from people who are actually part of the […]


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