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ROVE Where You Want To With New Geo-Gadget

You’ll never be tied to your PC again if four Canadian inventors have their way. In fact, they hope you’ll rove long and far in search of new geocaches with their bluetooth-powered gadget.

According to the team at Sparkyard Inc, the ROVE was created for smartphone-owning “geocachers and trail creators to instantly share trail maps across social networks and put multiple geocaches right on a GPS” while out in the field.

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Review: Exploring The Science Of Navigation

BOOK REVIEW The Science Of Navigation: From Dead Reckoning To GPS by Mark Denny (Johns Hopkins University Press) Paperback US$27.15/Hardcover US$65.00/Kindle US$16.50 Reviewed by Gerard Hyland (GC handle: GSVNoFixedAbode) “To paraphrase Douglas Adams, most geocachers no more know the navigational lineage behind their GPSr than a tea leaf knows the history of the East India company. Many of those geocachers …

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Aye, Aye Captain Steam

The ayes have it … So many It’s Not About The Numbers readers have pored over Richard Preen’s Build Your Own Steampunk GPS tutorial, that we couldn’t resist showing you his latest upgrade – featuring a moving eye. The Greek geocacher (GC handle: r10n) explains that he’s now replaced the clockwork mechanism in his original …

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GEO Hunters: Map Out Your Game Plan

Who’s game for a new geo-challenge? Mobile gaming company YD Online has just launched its latest iPhone and iPad application GEO Hunters – a location-based, role-playing game that lets users defend their neighbourhood and the world from monsters. Available for free at the Apple App Store, GEO Hunters utilises Google Maps to merge real satellite-view …

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World’s Smallest GPS

Can you spot the GPSr in this photo? Yep, it’s that tiny square next to the 1 Euro coin. Thanks to a tip by CrunchGear, It’s Not About The Numbers is pleased to show you the world’s smallest GPS engine … the ORG4472, complete with ARM CPU and firmware. Its power draw is a mere …

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Google gives interesting Insight into listing services

Google Insight provides some interesting data on peoples interest in geocaching listing services. For those unfamiliar with the tool Google Insight: analyzes a portion of worldwide Google web searches from all Google domains to compute how many searches have been done for the terms you’ve entered, relative to the total number of searches done on …

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Cumbyrocks reviews the Garmin GPSMAP 62s

Happily my first field experience with the Garmin GPSMAP 62s was it being tossed 10 metres into a blackberry thicket. Despite what you are thinking the GPSr landed safely in my hands and I have been in love ever since. Undoubtedly you are now also wondering what I was doing standing 10 metres into a …

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Agent 99, turn on the…shoe GPS?

We all remember Agent 86 and his shoe phone in Get Smart but a report from TopNews.in suggests that shoe GPS could be a future development. The invasion of GPS technology in everything – fromcars to cell phones – has ensured that we never get lost, but what if your GPS stops working? North Carolina State …

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Geocaching.com has Opencaching.com, soon GPS will have Beidou

Opencaching.com has become a recent alternative to Geocaching.com and it looks like the US may soon have their own competition as China are progressing with plans for their own independent satellite navigation and positioning network. They have launched the 7th satellite of the Beidou (Compass System) network that will eventually have 30 satellites. China started building …

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Mega-Event Proposed for NZ

The fine folk at the NZ Recreational GPS Society are proposing the holding of New Zealand’s first MEGA-EVENT. There is a poll up in the GPS.org.nz forums to indicate whether you might want to attend and you can check out all of the talk about the event there. The event is proposed as being at …

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