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Review: Notes On A Scavenger Hunter’s Journal

BOOK REVIEW As Cumbyrocks and kjwx can read only three words on this book cover – and two of them name […]

Too Cool Not To Highlight – The Rock by Presents

Eric from Groundspeak emailed, asking us to share its latest ‘ Presents’ video. Having watched this clip promoting a physically taxing German hide, I have […]

Geocache-Crazy Germans

I was a little stunned by a post highlighting Germany at Caching and Reviewing recently. Population 81 Million people, 138,000 […]

Pish Posh!

Last night I went caching in Bokelt, Germany while sitting at my work desk in Wellington, New Zealand. In fact, three of my last four finds have been ‘abroad’ – yet my passport shows no movements across any international borders.

Sit here and cache

How, you ask? The joy of Armchair Caching … (At this point, seasoned hard-core cachers are going to sneer and click off this post but let me explain:)


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