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The Geomate Jr Lives Again

Rich at GPSTracklog has spotted the¬†phoenix¬†like rise of the Geomate Jr from the ashes of Apishere. From the press release […]

Geomate Jr No More

That’s right – in what seems to be an unexpected announcement – the Geomate Jr has come to an end. […]

Cumbyrocks Reviews The Geomate.Jr

I’ve long been a fan of taking my kids geocaching with me and they, on the whole, have found it […]

Geomate Jr: Awesome Deal On Amazon

Anyone interested in getting their kids started in geocaching should consider getting them a Geomate Jr. Amazon have released such […]

Geomate Jr Giveaway

Thanks to Rich over at GPS Tracklog for pointing out this Geomate Jr giveaway at Turning The Clock Back. Overall, […]

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