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Top-Secret Geocache [Micro Vlog]

I discover top-secret information while geocaching …

Geocaching Mailbag #2

Here are the second batch of postcards for our Geocaching Postcard Contest. We also announce our second-week winner!

Angry Goose Geocaching [Micro Vlog]

Geocaching on a peninsula; I think I may have been close to geese/goose eggs.

Buddy Holly Virtual Geocache

Our final stop after MOGA was a visit to the Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and Big Bopper crash site near Clear Lake in Iowa. While there, I couldn’t resist singing a Buddy Holly song!

Geocaching Mailbag #1

Here are the first batch of postcards for our Geocaching Postcard Contest. We also announced our first-week winner.

Eagle Geocache [Micro Vlog]

A unique geocache on private property.

Worldwide Flash Mob

Here is our coverage of the WWFM IX in Minneapolis MN. There were 111 people at the record breaking flash mob.

Geocaching In Peru

Watch Edward (aka me) geocaching in Minnesota …
This week, we are channel-swapping with Edward from databaseexpert. In this video, he is pretending to be me geocaching in Peru, and on his channel is a clip of me imitating him caching in Minnesota. Enjoy!

Awesome Spigot Geocache [Micro Vlog]

What an aweome geocache, featuring great craftsmanship.

Geocaching Border Battle

Team Gamci from Cache Continuum makes visit to Minneapolis for an epic geocaching battle against Mayberyman!


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