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The Lawnmower – 31 Days Of Caching

Getting close to halfway now with find number 14 in the 31 in 31 challenge. Today’s souvenir icon looks to be a logbook and pencil…our ultimate goal is to see them in each hunt we do! I also prefer mine blank on the inside…   Sadly another park n grab today, but a very cool …

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Unlucky For Some – 31 Days Of Caching

So far in the 31 in 31 I’ve been pushed for time in finding a cache each day but not yet failed to make it…so it’s a good thing I’m not trying to complete my blog entries on time each day – I’m failing miserably! Day 13 and find 13 scored the large tree souvenir …

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The Land Before Time – 31 Days Of Geocaching

Another late night dash in the rain to get #12. The souvenir icon is a GPS… And I didn’t use a GPS at all for this cache! Tonight’s cache was GC3N3PX DINO by CastlewoodCrew. I’ve tried numerous times to find this cache but being in a playground it’s always been difficult (excuses!). But in the …

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Legs 11 – 31 Days Of Geocaching

Left the run a little late to grab #11 and needed to make a darkness dash! I snuck in to grab GC3Y57Y Hinemoana’s Mega Menagerie, which I glad didn’t require a magnifying glass as it was dark! It was a micro though, so the theme counts! No photos for this one. It was dark, so …

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Capture The Flag(staff) – 31 Days Of Geocaching

The day 10 souvenir icon is a lamppost…and I did ponder going after a typical lamppost skirt cache (not that we actually have any active ones in Dunedin) but it was such a great day here I decided to take the boys on a cache trek… The Flagstaff Hill is a bit of an icon …

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Geocaching – Where Your GPS Is The Search Engine!

It looks like the day when your GPS will be able to take you straight to the cache is getting closer if this article in the Register is anything to go on… A GPS-based satellite navigation system promises accuracy to within an inch by December this year – to those willing to stick a thousand …

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Infinity On The Side – 31 Days Of Caching

According to today’s souvenir icon on the 31 Days of Caching calendar I should have taken Tom the Cache Hound caching…but I failed dismally.   My excuse is I was seriously running out of time and could only manage a park and grab on a narrow road…not a place for a wee dog. And as …

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BMX Bandit – 31 Days of Caching

Well, maybe not, but today’s souvenir icon for the 31 Days of Caching is the bicycle! I really had to search to find a bike themed cache today. I didn’t really have time to jump on the bike and get to a cache and with most of them being up sizable hills I wasn’t keen. …

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Flash Harry – 31 Days Of Caching

Day six in the 31 Days of Caching scores you a souvenir icon of the moon and stars…  …so it would have been most appropriate to try and find a night cache. But not me, I went out at lunch on a beautiful sunny day to take a drive and find GC4BVEC Flash Harry by …

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Attack Of The Chicken – 31 Days of Caching

Day five was a wonderful, sunny day here in Dunedin so I elected to take a drive at lunchtime to pick up GC3REE6 £10 Worth of Water Trough by Daywalk. There is a fantastic history of this road in the cache listing and it is well worth a read. The view on the way to the …

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