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Summary Of Today’s Irish On Challenges Blog Post

For those who haven’t seen it Jeremy Irish (from this point known as J-Rish) has posted at Latitude 47 today about the new Geocaching Challenges. It is a good read but being a lengthy post I thought I would pull out the best bits and summarise them here: The Groundspeak team “sat in a room …

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Photo Challenges Or Signal’s Dating Video?

Groundspeak’s Photo Challenge snippit was released today and I think I’ve watched it about half a dozen times. The more I watched, the more it was impressed on me that Signal didn’t have any friends completing this challenge and that the photos being taken were a little like dating shots. This all begs the question whether …

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Another Geocaching Challenges Sneak Peak And Release

Geocaching.com has given us another sneak peak into the new Geocaching Challenges. This time it’s a short video explaining its ‘Action’ type of challenge. The clip is at the bottom of this post. BUT the bigger news is that the anticipated release of Geocaching Challenges is later this week. Very exciting. Also worth noting is: Free smartphone apps for …

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Sneak Preview: Geocaching Challenges Video

It’s Not About The Numbers has managed to grab a sneak preview of the new Geocaching Challenges video from Geocaching.com. The video itself is probably one of the best Geocaching.com has produced and certainly left me salivating over the new Geocaching Challenges, which we know will include a ‘take a photo’ type but would also …

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