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The Shocking Truth About That New Geo-Guide


Now you too can learn the “shocking secrets” of the caching elite. Why struggle to shed that lowly finds tally on your own when “a master geocaching expert will reveal the truth” about your new favourite sport for just NZ$34 (US$27)? But wait there’s more … You’ll also become a well-respected and well known geocacher …

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Geotalk: Birth Of A Podcast

Australia’s Darren Osborne (GC handle  Spindoc Bob) offers a soundbyte on why he hosts and produces his monthly Geotalk podcast. “The Geotalk podcast is a combination of my three loves – radio, writing and, of course, geocaching. “By day I’m the news editor for ABC Science Online, as well as a freelance science writer. I’ve …

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Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Stop the presses … As the launch of new magazine Geocaching in Australia nears, It’s Not About The Numbers has another exclusive update on its progress. Publisher James Parr – best known as the owner of  Australian Geocaching Essentials webstore – says his fledgling publication is on track, with no delays expected in the release of …

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Support a truly open caching dot com – Shop at Geocaching Australia

It occurred to me as I published my last post about the love gift I received today from Geocaching Australia that many out there may not be that familiar with the items in the package or the fact that you can buy the majority of these items from the online shop at Geocaching Australia. The …

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All my Geocaching Australia Christmas’s have come at once!


Well, it seems today is officially the Geocaching Australia Christmas Day here at It’s Not About The Numbers. 😀 Firstly a mysterious package arrived on my desk from my friends at Geocaching Australia, Craigrat and caughtatwork. It seems they felt my pain at the lack of love from the geocache listing service who shall not …

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Google gives interesting Insight into listing services

Google Insight provides some interesting data on peoples interest in geocaching listing services. For those unfamiliar with the tool Google Insight: analyzes a portion of worldwide Google web searches from all Google domains to compute how many searches have been done for the terms you’ve entered, relative to the total number of searches done on …

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Welcome to: Geocaching Australia

With the introduction of opencaching.com last year there was a lot of talk about geocache listing services. One of the things we noticed was that there wasn’t much of a focus on what the other listing services were and what they offered. In an attempt to rectify this we have invited the other listing services to write a …

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GeGnome Project underway – the race is on!

  The GeGnome Project, where you hide a garden gnome as a moving cache on Geocaching Australia, is underway. The game has a number of prizes for various feats:   The cache that moves the furthest distance in the game period The cache that accumulates the most number of moves in the game period provided …

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