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Framing Our Geo-Heritage

It should be patently obvious as to what this object is …

That’s right, it’s the official documentation for an early GPSr device by American company Cobra Electronics. Patent USD469367 was submitted to the United States Patent Office in June 2002 and granted the following January.

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GLO-ing Support For Portable GPS Receiver

Wellington’s Geof Robinson (GC handle: xBoomstickx) rates his geocaching-related Christmas present.
“Santa was listening this year; I had been a good boy and got my Garmin GLO (US$99/NZ$139) for Christmas. What a difference an accurate GPSr makes!

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OpenCaching Making Changes With Stealth

If the latest OpenCaching.com newsletter is to be believed, there are big changes on the way at Garmin’s listing service … But you might have to look really hard for them – because they will be done with Stealth. Okay, it was a lame joke but seriously it was the best I could come up …

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OX Loyalty Scheme On The Cards?

Fancy yourself as a card-carrying OpenCacher? So does Jeff Holliday (OX handle: Team360). The Arizona resident – and caretaker of geocaching’s first trade item, the Original Can of Beans aka TBGJAA  – has posted the idea on the forums of Garmin’s own listing site, even going as far as to include this mock-up of such a loyalty card. …

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Geocaching: Take One

They’re not muggles anymore … Buried Treasure stars Jeff Galfer and Anna Douglas logged their first caching expedition on Wednesday – posting dozens of photos online – in between preparing for filming to begin. Since It’s Not About The Numbers reported about Galfer’s Kickstarter appeal, he has raised US$21,743 of the US$24,750 needed to begin filming. However, he …

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Run! Cacher! Run!

On my quest to train for MOGA 2012 I run over 8 miles!

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Smartphones About To Get Even Better For Geocaching

It’s Not About The Numbers noted yesterday the theory that Garmin was enforcing a new pricing regime that would make PNDs a low-volume, high-value item and lamented the failure of Garmin (and others, I should point out) to forge ahead with the development of a GPSr/phone hybrid. Well, maybe we needn’t have worried about that … It …

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GPS Tracklog On Garmin’s Pricing Structure

Rich over at GPS Tracklog has suggested Garmin may have a new pricing structure for Personal Navigation Devices. Last month ABI Research issued a report saying that Personal Navigation Device (PND) manufacturers seem to be “moving away from mass market consumer goods to becoming low volume, high value.” While I take issue with their analysis showing that …

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Taking A Trip Into The Open

Last year, It’s Not About The Numbers posted on the creative flair of TripCyclone, now the science teacher from Grandview, Missouri is going take a trip into the world of OpenCaching … When OpenCaching first hit the world, I explored a little bit, ran into an error, and then moved on. Life got busy and I was …

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OX Opens Up: Part One

Finally … OpenCaching.com has opened up about its past, present and future. In the first of three interviews with It’s Not About The Numbers, a Garmin spokesman explains the creation of this often controversial listing service. It’s been the question on everyone’s lips for over a year … Why did Garmin borrow the name of …

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