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Groundspeak Puts A Sock In Uservoice

The lights have gone out on the Geocaching.com feedback forum powered by Uservoice. In a lengthy letter from the Lackeys and Signal, posted where the forum once stood, they explain that they did not have the resources to implement the massive amount of feedback. Almost 5,000 ideas were suggested for Geocaching.com alone in less than …

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GeoPolice Academy: Only power-trippers need apply

If you haven’t noticed the little tab on the left-hand side of the screen at Geocaching.com then you should really take a look. This is the feedback forum, the place where geocachers get to suggest ideas, comment on them and vote for the ones they like. It is an excellent system and allows you to …

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Virtually a reality

I noted from a post at Freekachers that geocaching.com have announced they plan to bring back virtuals. The announcement is found in the feedback section of the geocaching.com site in the request titled ‘Bring Back Virtuals’. It reads: Bring ’em back. Virtuals and Waymarks simply aren’t the same, I don’t care how much you try …

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