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It’s Not About The Facebook Numbers

Or is it? After weeks of pressure from kjwx, Cumbyrocks has finally caved and created the It’s Not About The Numbers Facebook Group. This group will keep you posted on all that, er … gets posted on INATN. From time to time we may even elicit group feedback on such important issues like what should …

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The Mad Cacher goes all Angry Birds on Garmin/Opencaching.com

Having plundered all the local caches and not being in a position to travel far from home due to Cumbyrocks clone #3’s imminent arrival I haven’t been out much. My recent acquisition of an Apple iPad has been a good distraction from the geocaching withdrawals I face daily and one of the best distractions is …

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CacheSense 3.1 Released

For those with Blackberry’s and using CacheSense (nee CacheBerry), or who are yet to make the smart move and convert, there is a new release available. CacheSense 3.1 is out and I have been fortunate to have had access to the beta releases over the last few weeks. There are lots of excellent changes that …

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