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Guest Post: Living On The EDGE

Want to geocache on the EDGE?

The Extraordinary & Delightful Geocache Enthusiasts (EDGE) say their group’s name doesn’t describe themselves, per say, but rather the caches they are passionate about.

This band of volunteer geocachers came together to educate and inspire our hobby’s ever-growing population on finding, building, placing, and promoting “extraordinary” geocaches.

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Hop To It With Ester Geo Bunnie

While Secret Geo Santa takes a well-deserved holiday, a new childhood hero has hopped onto the scene just in time for Easter.

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Tutorial: Design Your Own Geo-Art

There’s a real art to creating a shaped geo-trail – and now, courtesy of America’s Dirtbag Geocaching Society, you can follow this step-by-step video tutorial. What you choose to design is up to you but It’s Not About The Numbers strongly suggests keeping it simple to start with. If you need inspiration, check out this …

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Tracking A Celebrity Geocacher Down Under

Has celebrity geocacher Bernhard Hoecker left his autograph in one of your hides? When the popular German comedian – and author of a geocaching book – toured New Zealand last month for an interactive tourism campaign, he couldn’t resist signing some local logbooks. “But we had to go to places that the German users voted …

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Where’s Our Frog Prince When We Need Him?

Sometimes when you kiss a frog, it just stays a frog … Despite this morning’s fairytale start to Groundspeak’s challenges, the geo-community has rewritten its collective views about the company’s new take on virtual caches. While some geocachers took up the challenge, many hundreds more were venting their anger online. These warts-and-all comments centred on the poor …

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Travel Bug Or Social Butterfly?

… on July 29th to be precise. Have you? Over the last six weeks, this virtual trackable has been rocketing from country to country via the information super-highway as part of a social experiment by British cachers Walker-Clan (no relation to Cumbyrocks or myself, whose surname is also Walker). Since its launch on July 7th, TB40BWB has …

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Desperately Seeking Geocachers …

Still looking for that special someone to stare into your GPSr screen with? Then you’ll love Facebook’s new Geocaching Singles Group. Since last week’s launch, it can already boost 24 members hailing from Illinois, Washington, Georgia, Germany, New Zealand, Britain – “and even a Groundspeak lackey”, says administrator Brian Shooll (GC handle: BDSmiley). He and group …

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Putting Himself On The Geo-Map

Sshhh! Check out the present I got for Peter’s birthday next month – a map of his geo-milestones created by CajunABear. The American cacher tells It’s Not About The Numbers how he’s hoping this hobby will map out for him. Wayne Hebert can’t tell you where you’re going but he can show you where you’ve been. …

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‘My Doctor Who Odyssey’

Personally, the TV show Doctor Who creeps me out – I blame the Daleks and Tom Baker’s scarf – but for American teacher and cartoonist Bruce Nelson (GC handle: Cecil-EGCM), it’s an addiction as strong as geocaching. He tells It’s Not About The Numbers about combining three of his loves for his 14-cache Doctor Who …

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Keep Your Eyes On The Facebook Prize

Do you have an uncanny ability to win prizes? Are you always the envy of all your geo-friends when you instantly locate the cache after they’ve been searching for 20 minutes or more? If yes, then this might be the perfect giveaway for you. To celebrate It’s Not About The Numbers’ new Facebook group, we …

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