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Geocacher’s Puzzle TB: Filling In The Blanks

Here’s the final piece of the puzzle … Recently, It’s Not About The Numbers gave away two jigsaw blanks from […]

Keeping Track Of One Geocacher’s Pet Project

Auckland geocacher Steve Shipway (GC handle: sshipway) is hoping to give pause for thought over the recent catastrophies in Christchurch […]

Quake update: The Other Side Of The Geocoin

In for a penny, in for a pound – right? Having already splashed out on the Christchurch quake and Japan […]

Tsunami Appeal: Wave Of Support for Japan

First Japan faced a wave of destruction from its 8.9 magnitude earthquake, 10 metre-high tsunami and subsequent nuclear meltdown. Now […]

Earthquakes: The Scare The Pants Off You Edition

I noticed this post by Rich over at GPS Tracklog this morning and couldn’t help by point it out to […]

Quake Update: Coining A Hit Fundraiser

You can bet your bottom dollar Auckland cacher Kevin Swain never expected his Christchurch earthquake fundraiser would generate so much […]

Help Our Shaken Cachers

Buy a coin to donate some coin – that’s the deal in a new Christchurch earthquake fundraiser. Since yesterday’s devastating […]

6.3 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Christchurch; Link For Geocachers To Check In

At 12:51pm this afternoon there was a 6.3 magnitude earthquake 10km south of the Christchurch CBD. Being very shallow (only […]

Canterbury Earthquake: Geocaches survive big shakeup

Last weekend a 7.4 magnitude earthquake hit the Canterbury region here in New Zealand. You can see full coverage of […]

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