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Cumbyrocks Reviews The Geomate.Jr

I’ve long been a fan of taking my kids geocaching with me and they, on the whole, have found it to be a fun experience. Being on the younger side, Mr 4 and Mr 5 have tended to focus more on trading swag than on the actual search for a cache, though they still know …

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Geocaching with Preschoolers

Geocaching with your kids can be one of the most rewarding and enjoyable experiences…but it can also be the most difficult and frustrating thing you’ll ever do. Combing the addictive desire to find the cache and the attention span of young people is, sometimes, a recipe for disaster. For those who look there are a number of very good articles out there on how to geocache with kids that can help make the experience better for all involved. As the father of two under 5’s (+ another on the way) I’ve spent plenty of time looking at this information and ideas. While the articles are great I haven’t found one that specifically dealt with my situation – Geocaching with Preschoolers!

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A bunch of my favourite photos from Geocaching:

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