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The Rebirth Of Navicaching

Back in April, It’s Not About The Numbers reported that The Mad Cacher bloggers had bought the historic Navicache website; now we ask the new owners first-hand about their plans … Like the fabled phoenix rising from the ashes, one of our sport’s original listing services, Navicache, is back. Until recently, it was a little used reminder …

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Geocaching Border Battle

Team Gamci from Cache Continuum makes visit to Minneapolis for an epic geocaching battle against Mayberyman!

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Win A GeoPardners Travel Tag – Take Two

[notice]No, you’re not seeing double … Due to a major computer hiccup, It’s Not About The Numbers must repeat its GeoPardners travel tag giveaway. Entries now close on Wednesday, May 16th.[/notice] Tag, you’re it … Or you could be if you enter It’s Not About The Numbers‘ giveaway for one of two GeoPardners travel tags. …

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Win A GeoPardners Travel Tag

Tag, you’re it … Or you could be if you enter It’s Not About The Numbers‘ giveaway for one of two GeoPardners travel tags. After we profiled this inexpensive, new TB range by USA Geocoins, owner Eric Kirkland kindly donated two of his Bushwhacker Bob designs as prizes. All you have to do is tell us …

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Tears Of A Clown: Amazing Geo-Racers Eliminated

A field puzzle proved too much for The Amazing Race’s first geocachers. Competitors Dave and Cherie Gregg – better known to fans as the “Married Clowns” due to their jobs at Ringling Brothers Circus – were the second team eliminated from season 20 of the popular reality TV show. In Episode 2 – which screened in the United States …

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You Asked, OX Answers

Late last year It’s Not About The Numbers sought help to interview OpenCaching.com. Here are two of the questions submitted by our readers and the OX replies  … CRAIGRAT OF AUSTRALIA ASKS: “Do you think that opening the site up as early as you did caused more harm than good?” OX REPLIES: “By launching OpenCaching.com …

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No Clowning Around For Amazing Geo-Racers

They might be a pair of clowns but two American geocachers are hoping to win US$1 million in the latest season of The Amazing Race. Husband and wife Dave and Cherie Gregg have taken a leave of absence from their jobs at Ringling Brothers circus to compete in new episodes of the hit reality TV …

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How Good Is Your Maths? A Maximum Number Of Geocaches Challenge

Groundspeak’s Latitude 47 weekly mailer recently commented that “more than 400,000 new active geocaches were listed on Geocaching.com” in 2011. This now brings the total number of active geocaches to around 1,614,930 (at the time of writing). That’s a lot. Last year’s massive increase in numbers is an intriguing development. It would be interesting to know if …

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OpenCaching.com Responds …

Here’s what Garmin’s listing service thought of Nick Brown’s post: “We just read your (sTeamTraen’s) article about OpenCaching.com’s one-year anniversary. While we obviously disagree with some of the points and conclusions, we’re always glad when geocachers, like sTeamTraen, look at what we are doing and give us a fair chance. “It would be nice if you …

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OpenCaching.com One Year On

OPINION PIECE First, the disclaimer: my name is Nick Brown and I have been geocaching at Geocaching.com under the name of sTeamTraen for nearly eight years. I’m also privileged to have been a Groundspeak volunteer for part of that period, but everything written here is my own personal opinion and has not been approved, solicited or …

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