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Geocaching: Challenges No More, Cumbyrocks To Blame

Any geocacher who has checked their email today will be aware that have decided to retire the Challenge […]

Jolly Green Giant Virtual Geocache

A visit to Blue Earth, Minnesota brings us to one of the the best virtual geocaches ever.

Junk Garden Geocaching Challenge

We discovered a garden of junk while looking for a hide – so decided to turn it into a geocaching challenge.

Worshipping At The Altar Of Geocaching

Artist Pauline Lim hasn’t just taken a shine to geocaching, she’s created nine shrines to the sport. Over America’s Thanksgiving […]

Geocaching Challenges Now Seven Days Old … And Still Here

Geocaching challenges have now been with us for seven days. Like a newborn baby, they are still heavily dependant on […]

Challenges: Don’t Hate The Game, Hate The Player

The new Geocaching Challenges were released yesterday to very mixed reviews … okay, I’m being PC … nearly everyone hated […] Answers Our Questions!

Like a speeding bullet,┬áhas provided us answers to some questions we put to them just an hour ago regarding […]

Sneak Preview: Geocaching Challenges Video

It’s Not About The Numbers has managed to grab a sneak preview of the new Geocaching Challenges video from […]

The New Virtuals … er … Challenge Caches: Cumbyrocks Wasn’t Right

Okay, I’m big enough to admit that I may have been a little ahead of things when I suggested that […]

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