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OpenCaching Poll Results

Ten days ago, It’s Not About The Numbers repeated the OpenCaching.com poll we ran almost exactly 12 months ago – but with a few extra questions. Now it’s time to announce our latest results! It’s worth noting that we gave the original poll more time to run due to the Christmas period and there was more interest in the issue back …

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Combating The Caching Curmudgeon

It seems every geo-community has its own caching curmudgeon (also known as a troll, stick in the mud or pain in the backside) and New Zealand is no exception. We’ve had our own curmudgeon causing some fun of late, much to the frustration of many local players. To my delight, though, Bruce Nelson over at …

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Hey Hey, It’s The Monkey

You first read about Bruce Nelson here when It’s Not About The Numbers profiled his Doctor Who caches. Now the American teacher and cartoonist reveals how his TB counterpart Professor Zoom and arch-nemesis Cecil-Evil Geocaching Monkey came to life … “Everyone has a story about finding their first cache … but as I’m a travel …

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‘My Doctor Who Odyssey’

Personally, the TV show Doctor Who creeps me out – I blame the Daleks and Tom Baker’s scarf – but for American teacher and cartoonist Bruce Nelson (GC handle: Cecil-EGCM), it’s an addiction as strong as geocaching. He tells It’s Not About The Numbers about combining three of his loves for his 14-cache Doctor Who …

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