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Now That’s An Update …

Anyone who has read INATN more than once will know I am a CacheSense fanboy, so I can’t help but point out the number of changes in the latest release of the CacheSense for Android app. When you consider that the previous update was only in October, this is awesome. My favourites are in red: VERSION 2.8 CHANGES: …

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A Prickly Problem With Attributes

The CacheSense Beta Team, who were hard at work making CacheSense even better, recently noted the mystery appearance of a ‘cactus’ attribute. This little fella (see left) caused some confusion throughout the team as no one could find his prickly presence anywhere throughout the GC.com world. The sudden appearance of this attribute was also noted …

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Top Five Android Geocaching Apps

Whether the Geocaching purists like it or not, smartphones are being used more and more for Geocaching. In fact, it seems to be a common set up in this day and age to have a smartphone for urban caching/cache database with a dedicated GPS unit in your caching bag for those ‘deep in the outdoors’ …

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Android Geocachers, Look What’s Coming In CacheSense

It’s Not About The Numbers reported back in January on the release of CacheSense for Android, the popular Blackberry geocaching app that’s been recreated for Android phones. The feedback we’ve received about CacheSense for Android has been excellent so we thought it was well worth highlighting this recent video giving a first glimpse of its upgraded CacheSense for Android …

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CacheSense 2.0 Pre-Alpha Screenshots

Arrange your view as YOU want it.

GUEST POST The mysterious Ninja Duck is a geocacher after Cumbyrocks’ own heart. Not only does he have an excellent name (if we told you, we’d have to kill you) and young caching companions but he is a Blackberry and Android geocaching proponent. Here, he shares some of his evil, insider ninja genius. —————— Those …

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Android Users Get Your CacheSense Demo Now!!!

I’m in the process of writing a full review for the geocaching app CacheSense for Android, however I’m so excited about its long-awaited release that I couldn’t help but announce it! So, CACHESENSE FOR ANDROID HAS BEEN RELEASED!!! There is a FREE 30-day demo so you can get out and give it a try. I …

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GPS Review: Garmin Oregon 450

Reviewing a GPS unit that has been around for nearly three years is a bit like writing an article about a 1977 Ford Escort (which, interestingly, was my first car and a wonderfully simple vehicle for a young man to have). All are well familiar with it by now, its various strengths and weaknesses, and …

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The Bad Elf Faces Off With GPS Units

GPS test

The Bad Elf is a neat little external GPS accessory designed to directly connect to all iPad, iPod touch and iPhone devices. I recently had great fun field-testing the Bad Elf I have been given and was surprised by how well the Bad Elf performed. However, I determined that it would need to prove itself in …

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CacheSense Version 4 Released

We recently reported that the first 3rd-Party geocaching app to be licence with the Geocaching Live API had gone in to public beta.  That beta phase is now over and CacheSense Version 4 with Geocaching Live has been released. Some of the features of Version 4 include: Secure online access to Geocaching.com Find nearby caches …

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Geocaching Live: The First Third Party App Goes … Well … Live!

An artists redition of Bruce and the team developing CacheSense.

I doubt too many people actually know what Geocaching Live is, so in the words of Groundspeak themselves: Geocaching Live-enabled products bring geocaching to you, wherever you are. Whether it’s accessing the Geocaching.com database using one of Groundspeak’s Geocaching Applications or using a third-party app powered by our Public API, Geocaching Live makes it easy …

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