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Geocaching’s Theatrical Debut

Geocaching will make its stage debut next Tuesday, thanks to a British theatre company. It’s a story of friendship and “nerds in the great outdoors”, according to its creators.

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Firefighters Rescue Geocacher From Tree

Normally, British firefighters have to rescue cats stuck up trees; but this weekend the victim was a female geocacher.

Emergency crews in Dorset were called to a tree in Upper Parkstone Heights, Poole at noon on Saturday to free the 20-year-old.

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The Best Of British Intercaching

John Merry is a real trail-blazer.

Not only has the British geocacher (GC handle: djjohnmerry) created the first foreign intercache, he has single-handedly introduced this new geo-craze to the United Kingdom.

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Allo, Allo, Allo, I Know What’s Going On ‘Ere …

A clever English bobby averted the latest geocaching-related bomb scare yesterday.

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Geocaching Angry Birds’ Style

A flock of Angry Birds has taken up geocaching; starting in the British borough of Putney. The popular cartoon characters, which star in six touchscreen apps created by Finnish company Rovio, are being hidden throughout the south-west London neighbourhood as part of a Christmas-themed treasure hunt. Six plush toy replicas will be roosting in different businesses across the district, with clues …

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A Mother’s Heartfelt Geo-Project

If you find one of these travel tags in a geocache, stop to remember the young player they honour … Fourteen-year-old Kadian Harding died on July 25 while on a family bike ride in the British countryside. As he pedalled through Wiltshire, the avid geocacher (GC handle: TheSteepPirates) was accidentally struck by a van; becoming one …

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Get Your Copy Of UK Cache Mag For Cheap

British cacher Adam Redshaw could well be the geo-world’s answer to media mogul Rupert Murdoch. Five months ago, the West Midlands resident launched his country’s first print magazine dedicated to this hi-tech hobby, and he already has more than 1000 readers an issue. Each A5 edition of UK Cache Mag features 64 full-colour pages, all …

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Holy Cow, Geoman! It’s Another Caching Comic

Some use a notebook to record their geocaching adventures; others a smartphone or GPSr; Dan White, howevers, prefers the medium of comic strip. Three years ago, the British cacher began drawing on his hobby to create popular strip Geotrackers. He’s joined on those 2-D trails by his uncle – the person who introduced him to caching …

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British Geocacher Uncovers Smoking Gun

A British player has earned the right to call himself a ‘gun geocacher’ after finding a revolver and bullets while on the trail of another smiley. Unfortunately for GC premium member GeoGareth, his shock discovery in Essex county last Wednesday afternoon was not a clever camouflage job, but rather the suspected hiding spot of a local …

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Are You A Mensa Geocacher?

You don’t have to be a genius to geocache but some extra brainpower may help if you want to try a new British series placed by Mensa. To celebrate its 65th anniversary on October 1st, the self-described “high IQ society” is promoting itself through GC.com with the placement of 12 caches across Britain – the …

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