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Review: Tupperware Twittering Rather Tantrum Inducing

Not everybody who blogs can write … Unfortunately, it seems nobody told Krista Godfrey, author of new book Tupperware, Tantrums and Twitter.

Review: Exploring The Science Of Navigation

BOOK REVIEW The Science Of Navigation: From Dead Reckoning To GPS by Mark Denny (Johns Hopkins University Press) Paperback US$27.15/Hardcover […]

Review: Little Treasure At Rainbow’s End

BOOK REVIEW Rainbow’s End: A Romancing America title¬†from Barbour Books by Valerie Comer, Annalisa Daughety, Nicole O’Dell and Cara C […]

Review: Notes On A Scavenger Hunter’s Journal

BOOK REVIEW As Cumbyrocks and kjwx can read only three¬†words on this book cover – and two of them name […]

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