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For Whom The Bell Tolls …

The death march has begun for my favourite geocaching tool – the Blackberry Bold 9000. This magical little mobile that was my reason for discovering geocaching has been diagnosed with a range of illnesses and the prognosis is not good. Its complaints include arthritis of the track-ball, hearing loss, and senility when checking the mail. Despite these issues, …

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The Bad Elf Faces Off With GPS Units

GPS test

The Bad Elf is a neat little external GPS accessory designed to directly connect to all iPad, iPod touch and iPhone devices. I recently had great fun field-testing the Bad Elf I have been given and was surprised by how well the Bad Elf performed. However, I determined that it would need to prove itself in …

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CacheSense Version 4 Released

We recently reported that the first 3rd-Party geocaching app to be licence with the Geocaching Live API had gone in to public beta.  That beta phase is now over and CacheSense Version 4 with Geocaching Live has been released. Some of the features of Version 4 include: Secure online access to Geocaching.com Find nearby caches …

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The End Of The GPSr As We Know It?


I’ve been searching for my next GPS unit for a while now. I don’t need a new one, I’m still completely in love with my Blackberry as my main caching tool, but it felt like time I joined the ‘real’ cachers by having a ‘real’ GPS unit. But my search has not gone well. You …

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Wherigo … My Blackberry Follows


Wherigos: Until recently I didn’t have an opinion on them. With none in my area all I had to go on was various bits on the web that suggested it was a dying breed of cache, particularly following the Garmin/Groundspeak falling out. However, it does appear as if there is a fair amount of support …

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Cumbyrocks Attempts World Record


Okay, I can’t really claim to know that this would be a world record and I’m fairly sure someone in the world has already done this, however, today I shall be attempting a world record personal best number of cache finds in a day accompanied by a child under the age of 5!   My …

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End Of The Yellow Legend: Garmin Revamps the Etrex


Yes, it’s true. That little yellow friend that you first started geocaching with and who has likely been your backup GPS for the last few years has decided to retire…or rather the Garmin Gods have decided to replace it with a long overdue revamp. It is both a sad and joyous occasion. Sad because the …

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Blogging By The Numbers


History may never repeat but It’s Not About The Numbers is more than happy to reprint the article Geocaching in Australia ran about Cumbyrocks and myself … FROM PAGE 29 OF VOLUME ONE: They can deny it all they like, but it is about the numbers for most geocachers … and that’s the case for two New …

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Sibling Rivalry


They say the “family that plays together, stays together” so it was with great delight that geo-siblings Cumbyrocks and kjwx embarked on their first caching trip recently. Here, the duo relate their experiences trying to sneak in a few finds on a fleeting visit to the New Zealand city of Palmerston North for their grandmother’s …

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Cumbyrocks Hate; Cumbyrocks Smash


Disclaimer: This is likely going to be a completely unjustified rant from a sleep deprived cacher with a cold. Bring on the green… I’ve just returned from a trip to another part of the country for the funeral of a family member. As much it was a sad trip it still had lots of good …

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